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I’m Raymon Sutedjo-The,
a product/UX designer
… and I have way too many pairs of shoes.

My design journey officially started when I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I dabbled in fine arts before eventually graduating with a BFA in Visual Communication. I stayed in Chicago afterwards and worked at a number of digital agencies as both a visual designer and front-end developer, which gave me a broad exposure to the field.

A desire for change led me to California, where I attended UC Berkeley School of Information and focused my studies on User Experience Design. After obtaining my Masters degree, I worked at Salesforce as a product designer and built enterprise tools for businesses large and small. I’m currently at Medium, leading the reader experience team to create the best place to read intelligent stories on the internet.

As a designer, I excel at building user-friendly digital products, crafting design systems that scale at enterprise level, and understanding how design fits within the business.

Outside of design, I’m an urban planning enthusiast and a pop culture aficionado. I might look spooky, but I’m really nice.

Raymon Sutedjo-The